Programs and Services

Educating Events:

Oct 2019 -The Sensual Woman (mature audiences of 21 years+)

Cocktails and conversations as we discuss sex and explore what it means to be you … unapologetic and authentic.
Led by a certified sex counselor

Jan 2020 – What’s Law?

Educate on the suggested legal way to handle parental tips such as, but not limited to, CPS, CASA, leaving kids alone, welfare, work, and pregnancy rights. Taught by an attorney

Mar 2020 – Family Connecting

Ready to plan your family or struggling with your current family dynamics?



(coming Aug 2019)

Living, learning and edifying the fundamental groundwork of empowerment, friends and support


(coming Jan 2020)

Program of inner strength development; we will use our past, trials and doubts to overcome, accomplish and renew ourselves

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